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Time Is Running Out - Bringing it all together....


Now we can tell the story of the making of the CD. First however some thanks:


To Luke Vickers, who was part of the writing, recording and producing team (Dark Side was a Luke special!), played bass, and sang on many of the tracks.


To Neil Emery, who did the photography and video.


And to all of our family and friends for their support.


We were originally going to record the CD at Matt Black's HangoverHill studio (as we did for the first CD). When however Matt was unable to manage the original date, we started to do some basic recording using Luke's MacBook Pro using Logic Pro X. We were so pleased with the results that we decided to do the whole CD that way.


Each track was recorded in Logic Pro X as a band, with a guide vocal, via a Behringer Firepower 1616. Drums were recorded using the MIDI output of a Roland TD4 (old model), triggering Superior Drummer 2 sounds. Bass, guitar and keyboards were recorded as audio, generally direct inject, with miked acoustic guitar, and a few MIDI instruments. Ray used a wide variety of guitars (we will show a gallery sometime in the future!). Vocals were then overlaid using Samson and Rode condenser microphones. A few corrections were made to beats and notes, however we kept these to a minimum, as we wanted to preserve all of the feel. Individual tracks sometimes had EQ and compression, plus a few tracks (generally guitar) had stereo spread, and vocals some reverb. The final outputs had some EQ where needed, limited multipressor, sometimes exciter and a bit of adaptive limiter. The final mixes were balanced on PC using Audacity.


For those who do not know, on this album Innovator were:


Mike Vickers, Lead Vocals

Ray Dismore, Guitars, Vocals

Colin Pyle, Keyboards

Steve 'The Doc' Old, Bass

Mike JB Jones, Drums, Vocals






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