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All Cry Tomorrow


This was our first album, recorded at Hangover Hill Studios in Bournemouth. It ws recorded over one weekend in September 2012, and to a large extent was recorded as 'live takes'. Even some of the guide vocals recorded by Mike in the control booth ended up on the final versions. The album was recorded and mixed by Matt Black, who also added some keyboards. Matt did some additional mixing on the next weekend, but in total the record and mix time was les than 30 hours. Considering it was recorded more a a demo we are very pleased with the results. If you want to hear it (or perhaps buy it!), the link is below.


On All Cry Tomorrow, Innovator were:


Mike Vickers, Lead Vocals

Ray Dismore, Guitars, Vocals

Luke Vickers, Bass, Vocals

Mike JB Jones, Drums, Vocals

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